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ISF Calibration
If you own a  high definition television (HDTV), then you should read this!

Whether you bought a direct-view, rear-projection, or front-projection, you wanted the best picture that you could afford.  Would it surprise you to learn that your picture is not as good as your television is capable of producing? 

The manufacturer of your television didn't set it up with your home in mind.  They set it up to compete with  the other televisions on the sales floor.  Your home  is a completely different viewing environment.  Just the difference in lighting makes a necessity to adjust most of the televisions settings.

Imaging Science Foundation) calibration is an in-depth adjustment of every aspect of your television's picture.  It is done right in your home so that your viewing environment is accounted for.  It gives you better accurate colors and a noticeably sharper picture.  The procedure  takes hours using computers, sensors, and meters.

Besides the amazing improvement of your TV’s picture, with your calibration you may save energy, extend the life expectancy of your unit and, at the same time, reduce eye strain.

We use the latest and regularly calibrated equipment from Sencore and other manufacturers to guarantee you that your system will perform to recreate the director's intention!

Our fee for direct view TV's (Plasma, LCD,...) is $275 for the complete calibration of one memory. Additional memories (example: day and night viewing if needed) are $125 each.

Contact us  today to schedule your ISF certified calibration appointment.

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